The moment has arrived for our business to initiate a new phase of growth and profitability. Through our strategic planning for the 2018-2027 cycle, we have structured a plan to strengthen our market positioning and build the future. How?

With the improvement of our processes, we now are focused on the environmental, operational and financial efficiencies that boost our competitiveness.

With the culture of innovation and continuous progress, we strengthen a workplace environment that encourages good performance and that is results-oriented.

With the promotion of a number of actions that impact the communities in which we operate, we are a benchmark company when it comes to sustainable practices.

These attitudes reflect the way we think. We believe that the future is only built through prosperous relations with all our stakeholders, employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, community and society.

It is because of everything that we are doing in the present that we are embracing our tomorrow.


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