Corrugated Containerboard Packaging


We are one of the main industries of the packaging and corrugated sheets segment in Brazil, with a strict quality control and technical support from the customer’s point of view and ISO 9001 and 14001 and FSC® (FSC-C009947/FSC-C125040) certifications.


(102-2 and 102-7.v)

corrugated boxes and sheets in kraft, white and recycled papers.

single and double wall corrugated sheets.

12 Kaizen weeks focused on customer portfolio management, production notes, scrap, machine cleaning, opportunities for operational improvements, and health and safety.

We advanced in the marketing model through direct sales, building value relationships.

Increased volumes of orders and sales.

Main developments

Replacement of metal structures and upgrade in the transmission of the printer punch unit at the Corrugated Containerboard Packaging SP – Vila Maria plant.

Sale, acquisition the adequacy of machinery and equipment and property improvements (extensions and acoustic insulation) atthe Corrugated Containerboard Packaging SP – Indaiatuba plant.

Replacement of compressors and BPF oil tanks at the Corrugated Containerboard Packaging SC – Campina da Alegria plant.

The future we want:

Focus on occupational health and safety policies.

Special attention on cost management and profitability.

Evolve in organizational climate management.

Focus on productivity.

Strengthen market positioning with value offerings with the customer’s point of view.

Corrugated paper sheets