Chairman of the Board of Directors
Péricles Pereira Druck

Sérgio Luiz Cotrim Ribas

Administration, Finance and Investor Relations Officer
Odivan Carlos Cargnin

People, Strategy and Management Officer
Fabiano Alves Oliveira

Corrugated Containerboard Packaging Business Officer
Lindomar Lima de Souza

Paper and Forestry Business Officer
Henrique Zugman

General Coordination

Health and Safety, Quality and Sustainability Area

Content Review
Communications Team

Independent Verification
BSD Consulting

Content and Graphic Project
RICCA Sustentabilidade

Agência Luz
Fabiano Panizzi
Mário Águas
Marcelo Coelho


Shareholders, customers, employees, communities, suppliers, governments and other stakeholders.

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This publication brought the main highlights in our Sustainability Report to present our value generation in 2018 with an integrated vision of the business.

To complement your knowledge, you can read the full version, which is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)guidelines, at:

Click here to download the full report