Excellence, Innovation and Continuous Improvement


Ensuring excellence, strengthening the innovation, learning and continuous improvement culture is a strategic commitment. With that in mind, in 2018 we created the Innovation Committee, composed of the Board of Executive Directors and the Business Managers, where we have advanced in the definition of a policy that disposes in relation to intellectual property that will be validated in 2019 and defined priority lines of research.

Programa Inova Ideias (Innovate Ideas Program)

Stimulates the culture of innovation among employees by rewarding the presentation and application of ideas.

Since the beginning of the Program, 5,572 ideas were presented and 349 applied, of which 243 brought qualitative and 106 quantitative gains.


Management Excellence Model (MEG®) of the National Quality Foundation (FNQ), with annual assessment of adherence to the fundamentals of MEG®.
Innovation management based on the Euvaldo Lodi Institute (IEL) model, an organization linked to the Federation of Industries of the State of Santa Catarina (FIESC).
Recognition from theNational Innovation Award (PNI), Silver trophy and the Industry Highlight trophy of the RS Quality Award, promoted by the Gaúcho Quality and Productivity Program.

Inovação aberta (Open Innovation)

Open innovation has also been connecting our demands to the solutions available in the market.In 2018, we had the following research and innovation projects:

Increased mechanical resistance of our paperswith the support of the French institute Center Technique du Papier.
Definition of the force to be applied in the formation of creases in Corrugated paper sheets with the Universidade do Oeste de Santa Catarina (Unoesc).
fast and accurate counting of sheetswithequipment andcomputer vision technology.
Sustainable packaging designwith the Design Management Center (NGD)of the Universidade Federal da Santa Catarina (UFSC).
Two technological challenges about the recycling of mixed plastic and the mechanization of gum resin extraction,through the iTEC Platform (102-44) in partnership with Sebrae / RS.

Programa MAIS (PLUS Program)

The Programa MAIS (PLUS Program) is a gear for implementing operational improvements and best practices, with lean philosophy tools like Daily Accounting, 5S, Kaizen Weeks, Training and Belts Projects. In 2018, the following practices stood out:

Goals and indicators development: creation of monthly tracked strategic indicators, with definition of goals for all hierarchical levels and influence on the variable remuneration of the Board of Directors.

(103-1 and 102-35) Improvement of the Corrugated Containerboard Packaging business management:definition of policy, indicators, routine and training of the team, presenting a financial return of R$ 7.3 million in 2018, almost 50% higher than the target projected for the period.

Projeto Simplifique (Simplify Project)

Created to support the Irani’s digital transformation with the implementation of the SAP S /4HANA as the main ERP, as well as complementary systems to simplify and integrate our systems seeking productivity gains, information security, cost reduction, competitiveness and support for the Company’s planned growth.

Highlights of the Simplify Project first wave:

We performed three test cycles.
More than 120 people involved between direct employees and external consultants.
Execution of the project in 12 months.
More than 650 simulated scenarios covering more than 10,000 steps tested.
88% end users were trained before going live.
More than 5000 hours of classroom training with 91% success.
Successful go live of the first wave occurred in January 2019.

The future we want

Review the compensation model and resume Culture of Innovation actions.
Focus even more on open innovation projects compatible with the needs of our business.
Perform Lean maturity diagnosis.