Santa Catarina


(102-2 and 304-2)

27,946.62 hectares of own land and 2,287.63 in partnerships for Pinus taedaplanting, for pulp production and supply for the Paper Plant at Campina da Alegria (SC).

Our forests are Distributed in the municipalities of Água Doce, Catanduvas, Vargem Bonita, Ponte Serrada and Irani.

Energy generation process in the Cogeneration Boilerusing Eucalyptus biomass.

We sell reforested wood to veneer mills and sawmills.

Main developments

(102-15 and 304-2)

Seedling production:

over 2 million seedlings produced in own forest nursery, being 1,944,822 of Pinus and 267,121 of Eucalyptus (75% from our own seeds).


955 hectares: 816 of Pinus and 138 of Eucalyptus.

Harvest and transportation:

483,768 tons of timber were sent to the process.

Woodchip production for biomass:

process comprises two fronts: the use of Pinus waste and the full use of Eucalyptus to be chopped in the form of wood chips for feeding the Energy Cogeneration Boiler in Vargem Bonita (SC).


approximately 35 thousand tons of logs with over 28cm in diameter, sold to laminating mills and sawmills in the region.

Research, health and safety and environment:

Since implementation of this practice, in 2014, we recorded more than 272 observed deviations in occupational health and safety that were dealt with during critical analysis meetings, while 464 field observations of animals were registered.

Patrimonial structure and surveillance:

we have our own surveillance tower, a fire truck and equipment for firefighting, monitoring 119 points in our forest areas totaling 357 monthly checks. In 2018, 3 fire outbreaks were registered, but none of them caused loss in production area.

Main developments

R$ 680 thousand invested in the acquisition of specific equipment and structures to advance the insourcing of the eucalyptus chipping.

Energy efficiency gains of the forest raw material, reducing the percentage of sawdust with the chip and lower moisture indexes.

Investments were made in the renovation of harvesting machinery to increase productivity with improvements in compliance, quality, and occupational health and safety rates.

Execution of two kaizens to work reutilization of Pinus chipping and maintenance of forestry.

Evolution in the legalization of our landholdings certified by the Instituto Nacional de Colonização e Reforma Agrária – INCRA (National Institute of Colonization and Agrarian Reform), concluding 2018 with 90% of properties registered.

The future we want

Continuous improvement in compliance, quality and occupational health and safety in operations indicators.

Start and consolidate the third shift of the own activity of chipping of Pinus waste and Eucalyptus (biomass) in the field with gains of productivity and cost reduction.

Complete the land regularization of properties certified by INCRA.