People Management

We have the workforce of 2,286 active professionals.People are the drivers to fulfill our mission and catalysts to achieve our vision.Therefore, building high performance teams and getting people to the achieve their personal and professional potential is part of our strategy.

(103-2) The year 2018 brought many lessons learned, the main one was to be sure that our values should be daily practiced and reinforced and perceived by the people with whom we interact inside and outside Irani. This stimulus is offered to employees through five structuring programs: Gera (Generate), Cuida (Care), Cresce (Grow), Motiva (Motivate) and Supera (Excel).

Programa Gera (Generate Program)

59.0% Vacancies filled by internal recruitment.
14.6% of the interns were hired.
17.8% apprentices hired to take on other functions.

Programa Cuida (Care Program)

(403-1.a.i and 403-1.a.ii)

For each business unit, approximately 400 laws apply, with almost 2,500 requirements related to occupational health and safety, which motivates us to take actions that ensure compliance to legal obligations.

Throughout 2018, we deepenedin the operating procedures from the occupational health and safetyperspective, especially:

100% of the operational procedures have been described, reviewed and disseminated.

100% of the qualifications required by the regulatory standards applicable to our business were carried out.

We created a health and safety indicatorstree, monthly reporting to the Board of Executive Officers, establishing goals, people responsible and form of governance.

We strengthened the incidents occurrences record through Security and Excellence Dialogues (DSEs), internal disclosures, employee engagement through ComissãoInterna de Prevenção de Acidentes – CIPA (Internal Commission for Accident Prevention)and leaderships.

Additionally, we offer non-mandatory programs with a preventive focus on health and well-being of our employees.

Invest about R$ 10 million over the next five years in the actions and adjustments that are necessary and advance in meeting the legal requirements applicable in all units.

André Paulo Martins, employee of Paper unit SC – Campina da Alegria

The future we want

Strengthen and consolidate the culture of health and safety, with accident zero as a condition.

Disseminate 100% of the revised operating procedures in 2019 for employees.

Deploy occupational health and safety software integrated with E-SOCIAL and the company’s new ERP, providing even more transparency to management while contributing to the application of defined standards, controls and monitoring of actions.

Programa Cresce (Grow Program)

Investment of R$ 1.2 million in training and personal improvement actions:
R$ 743 thousand in training and development.
R$ 459 thousand in subsidies to foster education.


Training Average hours per employee 2017 vs 2018 average variation
Leadership 39 -53,0%
Administrative 23 -4,2%
Technician 46 +76,9%
Technician 22 +4,8%
Men 26 +4,0%
Women 23 -28,1%
TOTAL 25 -3,8%

Programa Motiva (Motivate Program)

Main initiatives linked to the organizational climate promotion in 2018:

We carry out several initiatives interacting and monitoring the organizational climate of all units.

We hold follow-up meetings on action plans drawn up from the last research cycle (2017).

We created the climate tree, with flags and indicators periodically monitored by the Executive Board, in addition to listening groups, and feedback to the leaders to calibrate the actions in progress.

The future we want

Achieve 76% overall employee satisfaction index in the next cycle of the GPTW Climate Survey®.

Programa Supera (Excel Program)


94% of employees participating in the Programa Supera, receiving performance reviews periodically.

Uhilian Finger, Leandro Hilário, Flávio Cason e Gilson Santos, colaboradores do Projeto Simplifique – employees of Simplifique Project