Strategic Direction

2018-2027 strategic map


Seek returns higher than the cost of capital, generating shareholder value


Strengthen the market position through offers from the customer’s point of view

Be a recognized and preferred brand



Assure supply of fibers and energy, with quality and cost
Develop and increase the production of light paper for packaging
Optimize the operation and environmental efficiency of the mills
Evolve the asset light model

C.C. Packaging

Strengthen the direct sales model with customer’s point of view
Increase the corrugated packaging plants, taking new technologies in consideration

Pine Chemicals

Prioritize the redproduction uction of costs, increase in productivity and environmental efficiency
Assure raw materials supply
Optimize the forestry assets

People and Culture

Promote a stimulating environment for development of high-performance teams

Strengthen the results-based culture

Assure excellence, strengthening the innovation culture, learning curve and continuous improvement

Promote the circular economy in the value chain

Contribute to the development of the surrounding communities

Ethics and Integrity

(102-17 and 102-25)

We have an Integrity Program, consisting of eight policies and the Code of Ethical Conduct, which guide behaviors and determine the standards, laws and regulations to be observed by all employees and managers.

Composed of 11 members appointed by the Board of Executive Directors, the Ethics Committee has the purpose of ensuring, training, and guiding our teamson the ethical conduct.In 2018, we received 14 communications.

Learn about these tools for promoting ethics and corporate integrity at:

At any time, our relationship publics may send communications, requests for clarification of doubts and concerns about ethical issues via:

Immediate leadership
Ethics Committee Coordinatore e-mail:
CEO E-mail:
Exclusive channel for employees available in the Irani World (intranet)
Channel available on the website for all other audiences, available at:

Rodrigo Martins Felipe Bernardi e Ionara Reis, employees of the Paper and Corrugated Containerboard Packaging unit SC – Campina da Alegria